How To Clean Your Copper Water Bottle

If you're subscribed to The Year Of Wellness and received the beautiful Ayurveda copper water bottle in your first month box (Detox!), you might notice some oxidation happening to the bottle which gives it that patina. This is totally normal! But if you're more into the super shiny and clean look, we put together this tutorial on cleaning it au natural.

  1. Slice 1 lime in half
  2. Puncture so that some of the juice comes out
  3. Dip lime halve into sea salt
  4. Scrub the bottle just like a sponge
  5. Rinse
  6. VOILA!

Benefits of the Copper Water Bottle:

  • Helps the body fight off free radicals (one of the main reasons for aging)
  • Regulates the functioning of your liver and kidneys
  • Supports the elimination of waste
  • Promotes the absorption of nutrients from food

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