Get Glowing Apple Cider Vinegar Limeade

Welcome to Fit Kitchen - where we're sharing easy, nutritent-dense recipes that compliment an active lifestyle, in-part with Sam Negrin, All Good Health founder & resident LEAF girl. We're well-aware of the incredible benefits we can get from apple cider vinegar, from internal health, to beauty and natural home remedies. Truthfully, the taste is pretty harsh on it's own and it's much easier to take a quick shot rather than enjoy it. This particular recipe actually masks the harsh taste and turns into a delicious llimeade full of health benefits. It aids in digestion, balances pH, clears skin and puts you in a great mood.

Here's how it's done:


1 oz apple cider vinegar Juice of 1/2 lime Raw agave Cayenne pepper Chilled, filtered water


  1. In a cup, add: apple cider vinegar, lime, raw agave to taste (start with less), a pinch of cayenne and top with water
  2. Mix it up and enjoy!

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