8 Ways To Help Save The Planet

In honor of Earth Day, and our planet in general, we rounded up 8 tips to help you become more eco-friendly - without even trying! These are little lifestyle shifts that can play a major role in the big picture. Little things like shutting off your water while brushing your teeth and unplugging your tea kettle while not in use can really make an impact. So, who's with us?! #HappyEarthDay!!!

  1. Don't eat more for at least 1 day/week - eat lots of organic farmer's market veggies instead!
  2. Be conscious of water usage - shut off the sink while brushing your teeth!
  3. Unplug electronics - certain electronics don't need to be plugged in all day (electric kettles, speakers, coffee machines)
  4. Use less plastic (unless recycled!) - opt for glass or paper storage when you can
  5. Go paperless! Pay your bills online
  6. Shower with your partner - saves water and time (maybe ?)
  7. Eat local - head to your local farmer's market or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box for produce
  8. Carpool! Hitch a ride with your friend when you can

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