7 Style Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Inspired by WhoWhatWear and the fact that getting dressed in the morning really shouldn't be stressful, we're sharing 7 style hacks that are going to make your life MUCH easier. Stuck zipper? Tangled necklace? No problem. We have the solution, using items that are probably already in your house. No fancy-ingredients-required!

Check it out:

  1. Stop Sweater Shedding: Wrap your sweater with saran wrap (or a ziplock bag) then place in the freezer over night. The coldness locks in short fibers and prevents shedding.
  2. Prevent Blisters: Rub clear deodorant on your heel. This creates an invisible barrier to provide lubrication.
  3. Untangle Necklaces: Apply baby oil to the knot with a q-tip and lightly pull the chains away.
  4. Unstick Zippers: Rub vaseline, carefully, onto the zipper. This lubricates the zipper for easy up & down!
  5. Keep A Loose Zipper Up: Attach a small key ring to your zipper, then fasten the button as you conceal the key ring.
  6. Deodorize Smelly Shoes: Grab used & completely dried tea bags, place directly in your shoes, and leave as many hours as needed.
  7. Prevent Runs In Your Tights: Once you notice a run in your tights, apply a light coat of hairspray to prevent it from spreading further.

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