7 Hacks To A Great Night Sleep

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or wake up groggy from a poor-quality rest, these 7 tips can help you attain the best night sleep... ever. Some are fairly simple (don't drink too much water), and some are total lifestyle shifts (become more scheduled). Dish your best tips for healthy sleeping in the comments below!

  1. Organize Your Space: Incorporate some feng shui to your space - clear of clutter, clear mind!
  2. Make Your Bed: Getting into a neat bed helps your mind register that it's time for another night's sleep.
  3. Reduce Blue Light Emissions: Turn off your phone, TV and laptop 30 minutes before you want to rest.
  4. Change Directions: Try placing your head where your feet normally go (less mattress sagging!)
  5. Become More Scheduled: Going to bed the same time helps you set your eternal clock.
  6. Soothe Your Mind: Try coloring to help unwind your brain! (anything relaxing and creative).
  7. Don't Drink Too Much H2O: Decrease bathroom visits in the middle of the night by drinking less water the hours before bed. (this tea is an amazing pre-bed tonic, though!)

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