6 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Mood

We have all been in the headspace where we're aggravated, bored or upset... and these six quirky acts have been known to counter those feelings and immediately improve one's mood. It's amazing how simple they are but equally easy to forget when we're feeling down. Don't be embarassed to start humming or dancing in public--anything that can improve your mood and make those around you smile is worth it!

Here are our 6 tips:

  1. HUM: creates vibrations similar to the meditation sound 'ohm' & igntes chakras
  2. SMILE: reduces stress & lowers heart rate
  3. WORDS: words have energy & positive words have positive energy
  4. MUSIC: relieves anxiety & pain
  5. HEALTHY FOOD: improves focus & energy
  6. EXERCISE: releases endorphins & toxins

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