5 Workouts To Do With A Friend

Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to workout. These partner workouts are fun to do while giving you and your friend an amazing full body workout. We made these 5 moves with Hollywood celebrity trainer (@chasenfitness), read the instructions below and WERK!

1. AB BALL TOSS: With both legs up and crossed, rotate a medicine ball across your body 3x. Toss the ball to your partner and repeat 10x. Flip sides and repeat another 10x.

2. PARTNER PASS SIT-UPS: Sitting in an upright position, lock legs with your partner, with one holding the ball, arms out, lie back. Sit back up, passing the ball off to your partner. Repeat 30x.

3. BURPEE HANDCLAPS: Drop down to plank, hand clap on each side (opposite hands to your partner). Jump up, hands in the air and repeat 30x.

4. THE SQUARE DRILL: Place bowls or cones on a square on a flat surface, one partner in the middle, the other points to random corners. Shuffle to each corner, squat and touch then re-set. The 'hands in the air' signal, partner must jump up. 1 minute sessions then switch roles.

5. TOWEL ABS: Squat a couple of feet apart, slowly pull back and fourth. Switch arms every ten pulls.

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