5 Wellness Practices That Don't Cost A Thing

Staying on top of health and wellness can have the perception to be really time consuming and expensive. While we love our super foods and clean products, they aren't the end-all-be-all in order to live a healthful life. Becoming in tune with your mind and body is an invaluable skill to learn, and that is completely free!

Watch and learn, for 5 wellness practices that don't cost a THING!

  1. Meditate: Find balance and focus throughout the day by practicing a 10-20 minute meditation in the morning and evening (or whenever you need!).
  2. Yoga: Stretch out to release stiffness, anywhere that you have some space to move around.
  3. Journal: Write down all of your thoughts and feelings: happy, sad, angry, grateful, loving.
  4. Color: Exercise creativity and find a sense of calmness by taking a 10 minute "adult coloring" break during the day.
  5. Hydrate: Water is key! The right amount of H2O throughout the day will help your energy level, physical performance, skin, hair, nails, etc!

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