5 Ways To Stay Sane Over The Holidays

The chaos of the holidays is real - between the crazy sugar consumption, massive family time and traveling - it can seriously weigh on you. We're sharing our top five tips to keeping your cool, and staying sane, during this holiday season. We hope these tips help you as much as they've helped us!

  1. Get a breath of fresh air! Try not to stay cooped up in the kitchen all day.
  2. Take probiotics to aid digestion. All of the sugar and gluten you may not be used to eating will catch up with your digestion system, skin and mood.
  3. Fit in a 20-minute sweat session everyday! No excuses, use these short tutorials to help at-home.
  4. Don't say yes to EVERY holiday party. Saying no is ok - there's no need to go out 5x/week!
  5. Prep your party outfits in advance. Don't stress the hour before you're supposed to be there if you plan ahead. ;)

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