5 Outfits for 5 Different Exercises

New workout clothes are always an inspiration to get up and #werrrk. And the truth is, there are different items you should wear for different exercises. You're not going to bend into your fullest potential in yoga class with baggy sweats, and you're not going to feel comfortable running around with a basketball in high-waisted leggings. We look the liberty of sharing five outfits to wear during five exercises for inspiration and motivation!

Start moving!

  1. BOXING: Move swiftly with shorts and a bra with lots of support
  2. RUNNING: Go for bright, colorful cropped leggings with a 90's style crop top
  3. INTERVAL TRAINING: Go monochrome to unify all of your muscles! Rock long leggings and a breezy tank
  4. YOGA: Go for high-waisted leggings and a tank with a built-in sports bra for light support
  5. BASKETBALL: Grab comfy cropped sweats and a sweat-wicking compression top

*Made with Sam Negrin, resident LEAF-girl and founder of All Good Health.

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