When it comes to confidence-building exercises, we consulted with revolutionary fitness expert: Tracy Anderson. Tracy’s exercises are an amazing combination of strength and flexibility, helping us all achieve the most valuable asset: CONFIDENCE! Her celebrity clientele coupled with her signature Tracy Anderson Method studios scattered nation-wide, show how as long as you have confidence, you can have anything you want! Full instructions below:

  1. Standing with feet slightly wider then shoulder length apart
  2. Relax the knees and rock the pelvis side to side and front to back
  3. Circle in both directions releasing in the lower back
From Tracy on confidence: Becoming physically judgmental may start a lot earlier in life than we think. If you get made fun of on the play ground or don’t make a sports team or get asked to dance at the school dances you may start to self judge from a physical perspective. Women owning their sexuality and femininity is something that I feel strongly. If you nixed the hip rolls from your routine its time to bring them back and proud. This move is meant to be exaggerated and controlled by you. It will improve you self confidence from the sexy within all of us.
      1. Start with feet on the ground, knees bent sitting back on your backside with the left hand down on the ground for balance and support while right arm is extended straight up in the air
      2. Lift gluts up into a bridge position pressing hips up and slightly arching in back
      3. Release hips to drop back toward ground and quickly return to pressing back up, this time pulling the right foot off the floor and twisting hips to flip over placing right hand on the ground by left putting body into plank position
      4. The right leg will stay straight and extended out toward the back corner
      5. Pull right foot back as you reverse the twist in the hips back to starting position

From Tracy on confidence: Knowing where your body is falling in space and how to guide it gracefully builds self confidence. In this move we are bringing the hip thrusts back from a new angle and adding a full twist to a plank. Don’t worry knowing that you are strong enough to have yourself is a real confidence booster.  

      1. Start with legs in wide side split with hips toward the right, right hand on the ground behind the body for support and left arm extended straight up
      2. Lift hips off the ground by pressing hips forward and leaning into the right side
      3. Release back to start position and repeat press
      4. Note: The split is focused on the right side and when you drop down the right thigh slightly touches down while the left stays lifted.

From Tracy on confidence: I am not sure when the last time you attempted the splits was but I think its an ageless must to always know that you can and should be able to do a split stretch. It really opens up another very feminine part of us that shouldn’t remain inflexible. These split dips will help you get back into toe touch mode! 

      1. Start kneeling on your hands and knees, step right foot forward into a lunge position with right arm wrapped under knee and hand holding heel of right foot
      2. Use hand to lift leg up pulling knee high and rotating in hip and extending leg straight back behind you in line with hips
      3. Right arm will then extend forward reaching past head, pull knee and arm back together to wrap position return to start

From Tracy on confidence: Hold and let go. It is very difficult to hold and let go. This move is about stability and balance. Untangling yourself from what may seem like a physically tricky spot will build the self confidence of being physically available.

      1. Start in plank position with hands on the ground shoulder-width apart
      2. Tuck right knee into chest then twist hips pulling the right knee toward the left so the right thigh is facing the ground
      3. Sit on right thigh, keep chest forward and lift hips up to plank as you extend right leg out toward back right corner and tuck left arm into chest bending at elbow

From Tracy on confidence: No hands plank. Knowing that you are strong is what confidence is all about. Yes I do believe you can do a one handed plank!

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