5 Exercises To Tighten Your Tush

In our next workout with celebrity fitness trainer, Chase Weber, he's showing us five exercises to work the booty! Because... who doesn't want a little lift on their backside?!! A strong tush does more than just look good, though, it's essential to healthy hips and hamstrings to help us seamlessly move through our daily lives. All five of these moves can be done at-home, so you really have no excuses. Just grab a resistance band, yoga mat, and get to work!

Here's how it's done:

  1. Glute Activation: You'll need a band--there are generally different options between Light, Medium, Hard (like this one). Keep your core tight, arch your spine, and with your knee pointed out: rotate side to side. Switch sides then do both legs at the same time. Repeat 8x each for 3 reps!
  2. Single Leg Bridge: Place your heel into the ground, lift your leg up then lift your hips. Use the stability of your upper body to help lift the hips!
  3. Weighted Lunge Pushback: With weight in hand (recommend 8-10 lb), lunge forward 15 times, with the same side of the body the weight is in. Keep your knee aligned, and switch sides.
  4. Scissor Splits: Alternate legs and arms, switch from lunge to lunge. 3 sets of 20!
  5. Trio Leg Lift: Come onto all fours with your back straight (neutral) and core tight. Lift one leg with a 90 degree bend and flexed foot, push up and down 3 times. Then, push your leg out to the side parallel to the ground, 3 times. Then, straighten your leg and tap your toe back and forth across your other leg 3 times. *Repeat sequence 15 times alternating legs!

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