5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

There are days when we're low on time and simply can't make it to the gym. There are days when our bodies crave more movement than others. There are also days when we have no choice but to be sitting at our desk for 6+ hours. For these days, we're sharing five stretches and strengthening movements you can do AT your desk. Literally!

Here's how they're done:

  1. Pigeon Pose: Cross your right ankle over your left knee and apply pressure to the inside of the right knee to stretch. Optional to lengthen out your left leg. Repeat on both sides.
  2. Shoulder Stretch: In yoga, this is called 'garudasana arms'. Bring your right hand overhead as your left arm internally rotates down. Bend your elbows to touch the fingers together (or you can simply clasp the fabric of your shirt). Move side to side, to make it feel good! Repeat on both sides.
  3. Modified L-Sit: Grab the arms of a sturdy chair, draw your low belly in and your shoulders down your back as you press into your hands to lift your entire body up. Try to hold for counts of 10 and repeat 10x.
  4. Modified Child's Pose: Place your hands at the edge of your desk as you walk back arm-distance. Drop your chest to stretch upper back and shoulders.
  5. Upward Facing Dog: Place your hands at the edge of your desk as you press your hips forward and lift through the upper back. Find an arch!

*Made with Sam Negrin, resident LEAF-girl and founder of All Good Health.