4 Steps To The Perfect Self Tan

Get the coveted summer glow wherever you are, during any season, with help from this fool-proof DIY self tan tutorial. We teamed up with Kristi Walker of Hollywood's West Coast Glow to show you how to fake hours in the sun, without the streaks OR budding wrinkles!

You'll Need:
Self tanner
Tinted moisturizer
Latex gloves


  1. Properly Prep: Dry exfoliate (to avoid oils in liquid exfoliants), rinse off, then apply moisturizer to brows and hair line
  2. Get The Right Mix: Wearing latex gloves, combine 2 pumps of tanning lotion with 1 pump of moisturizer. Massage in cream mixture, just as you would lotion
  3. Stop the Losing Streak: Go easy on ankles, knees & elbows, replenish as needed. Very lightly apply to the top of hands & fingers, clean off palms with a wipe (don't wash!)
  4. Make it last: Apply tinted moisturizer to maintain daily to maintain your tan GLOW!

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