Just because it’s not summertime doesn’t mean we have to lose that summer glow. We’re showing you 4 steps to create the perfect self tan that’s healthy and looks au naturel!

You’ll Need:
– lotion
– wipes
– sponge
– self tanner
– tinted moisturizer
– latex gloves

1. Properly Prep!
– Dry exfoliate (to avoid oils in liquid exfoliants)
– Rinse off
– Apply moisturizer to brows and hair line

2. Get The Right Mix
– Wearing latex gloves, combine 2 pumps of tanning lotion with 1 pump of moisturizer
– Massage in cream mixture, just as you would lotion

3. Stop the Losing Streak!
– Go easy on ankles, knees & elbows
– Replenish as needed
– Very lightly apply to top of hands & fingers
– Clean off palms with a wipe (don’t wash!)

4. Make it last!
– Apply tinted moisturizer to maintain daily to maintain your tan

This was in collaboration with Kristi Walker, West Coast Glow