3 Core Moves To Do On Your Rest Day

Rest days are incredibly important for muscle recovery and total body health. Resting your body in between tough workouts actually helps us build muscle, lose weight and tone faster than working out every single day. With that being said, we still need to make sure we are engaging our core (AKA abs) every day. Weak abdominals can result in back problems, hip problems and more.

That's why we're sharing these 3 Core Moves To Do On Your Rest Day (just 10 minutes!):

  1. Plank Dips: Place your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees off the mat, come into a neutral spine with your low belly drawing in. First, twist your torso and dip your hips left and right one time, then lower to your forearms and twist again, then back to your hands. Do this from hands to forearms, repeat 20x.
  2. Crunches: Bring the soles of your feet together while the knees splay outward. Clasp your palms & extend index finger. Lift your feet off the mat, exhale to crunch and inhale down. Repeat 25x.
  3. Cross-Crunch: Raise calves parallel to the mat and keep knees directly over hips. Lift your chest and on an exhale, cross elbow to opposite knee. Inhale down, exhale lift, and repeat 20x.

*Made with Sam Negrin, resident LEAF-girl & founder of All Good Health. Share this workout with your friends by clicking the social links above!