3 Afternoon Wellness Tips from The Chalkboard Mag

We teamed up with Suzanne Hall, Editorial Director of The Chalkboard Mag (our fave wellness spot) to share her best wellness tips on how to lead a healthy, energetic day. Here, she's sharing 3 ways to beat your afternoon slump that DON'T include a third cup of coffee! Whether you're home or at your office, these tips are do-able for everyone.

Here are the details:

  1. Diffuse Essential Oils: Place a few drops into a steam diffuser (we love frankincense), it helps balance the energy in the room
  2. Energy Sun Tonic Potion: Mix 2 cups of Pressed Juicery's Chlorophyll Water with... 2 tsp of hemp seeds (which are rich in omega-3's & a complete protein) 1.5 tsp cacao powder (to boost energy & curb cravings) 1/2 tbsp ashwagandha powder (to boost immunity & improve mental performance)
  3. Get Up & Move! Suzanne loves practicing Qigong - which translates to 'cultivate energy' - it eases stress and balances emotions

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