2 Ways To Beat An Afternoon Slump

There's always a point between 2pm and 5pm that starts feeling really long and sluggish. The dreaded afternoon slump. We teamed up with two inspiring ladies from our favorite podcast, That's So Retrograde, to share wellness tips on staying energized, creative and focused throughout the whole day - sans coffee! All you need is a pick-me-up wellness beverage, a little yoga, and even coloring!

Check it out:

  1. Energize with Elizabeth Kott: Make yourself a beautifying iced matcha latte and take 10 minutes of your day to practice "adult coloring" - which is said to increase creativity, encourage mindful behavior throughout the day and organize your thoughts.
  2. Energize with Steph Simbari: Make yourself a powerful super food smoothie with loads of nutrient-dense ingredients. Take some time to get outside, or in quiet space, to move through sun salutations that will help stretch out stagnant muscles and joints while releasing creativity and circulation from the toes to the top of the head!

Finally, listen to an inspiring and informative podcast (like, umm... THAT'S SO RETROGRADE!)!

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