10 Steps To A DIY Accent Door

We love adding a good pop of color wherever we can, especially when it comes to the home. An accent door, whether it's the front, back or side door to your house, is as classy as it is fun. We're seeing more and more Instagram-worthy door art in neighborhoods lately, so we decided to give it a try. This video is brought to you by Behr Paint, watch as we show you exactly how to paint your very own door.

Here's how it's done:

You'll Need:

Paint (we used Mondrian Blue by Behr) Paint roller Fine paint brush Tape Razor (to fix up any marks)


1. Choose your color 2. Thoroughly sand your surface 3. Wash down with a damp cloth 4. Tape windows and fixtures 5. Paint main areas with chosen paint 6. Fill in the blanks with a finer paint brush 7. Paint a second coat 8. Once completely dry, remove tape 9. Clean up any marks 10. ENJOY!

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