10 Skin Care Hacks That Will Change Your Face

It's true that genetics play a big role in the fate of our skin, as does our diet and environmental factors. BUT, there are definitely a few tricks that you can incorporate to your every day life that will help rid the skin of excess dirty oils and blemishes. We rounded up 10 things we know to be true when it comes to taking precautions with skin.

Here are the details:

  1. Wash your face EVERY night! Bonus tip: Leave makeup remover wipes next to your bed for those late nights!
  2. Keep your hands off your face
  3. Eat for your skin (lots of greens! More foods here!)
  4. Drink tons of water (like 2 liters/day!)
  5. Apply ice cubes to pimples
  6. Clean your cell phone screen regularly
  7. Apply your products in the correct order: face wash > toner > serum > night cream > oil
  8. Wear SPF every single day
  9. Clean your makeup brushes regularly
  10. Always wash your face right after a work out

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