Copper allergies tend to be very rare and may require extreme amounts of exposure to affect a person. This allergy happens when a person wears jewelry made of copper, drinks water with high amounts of copper in it or is exposed to copper in intrauterine birth control devices or tooth fillings.


Many people who think they have copper allergies are actually mistaken. The nickel in copper jewelry may actually cause the allergy and irritate the skin. It is common to mistake the two.

Red Marks/Blisters

One of the most common symptoms of a copper allergy reaction is red marks on the skin. These red marks often turn into blisters or boils on the affected part of the skin. These blisters and boils cause irritation and burning.

IUD Symptoms

For those using copper IUDs, the side effects include bleeding and pain. The IUD can also cause a strong sensation in the genital area, such as an urge to urinate.


Most copper allergy reactions aren't serious and don't require professional treatment. The best way to avoid an allergic reaction is to avoid material or items that contain copper.


If any of the above symptoms get worse or if you notice the red marks/rash spreading, it's important to seek medical advice immediately.