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Copper jewelry is widely available, as copper is a fairly inexpensive metal that can easily be formed into bracelets, rings, necklaces and other fashionable items. However, copper leaves a green residue when it oxidizes, according to Newton Ask a Scientist. Chemicals in soaps, lotions and other skincare products, along with the natural acids released as we sweat, can cause copper jewelry to oxidize and leave green marks on our skin.

Apply a small drop of nail polish to your skin and allow it to dry. If no allergic reaction appears, proceed to Step 2.

Coat the inside (any area that touches your skin) of the copper jewelry with a layer of clear nail polish.

Allow nail polish to dry before wearing jewelry.


Green or black discoloration on your skin caused by oxidization can be removed with soap and water, according to Gem-fashion.com.


The nail polish barrier will wear off over time. Reapply if the discoloration reappears.