For years, scientists have been touting the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in olive oil. But did you know that olive oil can help prevent or reverse common stomach ailments, including ulcers? Consuming olive oil instead of animal fats has been shown to prevent heart problems, gallstones and gastric ulcers.

How It Works

Olive oil contains polyphenols, a type of antioxidants that prevent infection by helicobacter pylori bacteria, believed to be the cause of gastritis and peptic ulcers.

Olive Oil Remedies

One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach will stimulate digestion, relieve an upset stomach, and alleviate flatulence and heartburn.

Take one teaspoon of olive oil mixed with some lemon juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to treat constipation.

Add a few drops of peppermint oil to some olive oil, and massage it into the abdomen to soothe an upset stomach.