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There is no single homeopathic cure for stomach pain since tummy troubles can be caused by a host of different things. Before choosing a remedy, a homeopath will try to determine the cause of the pain--for example, menstrual cramps, indigestion or overindulging--and consider what other symptoms are present. A homeopath will also consider the personality of the patient before deciding on a course of treatment.


Arsenicum, or arsenic, is sometimes used in homeopathic medicine in extremely small, non-toxic doses to treat burning pains in the stomach. Homeopathic Educational Services says this remedy is especially good as a treatment for nausea and vomiting caused by food poisoning. Patients who may benefit from arsenicum may experience burning pains in the stomach, burning pains in the throat from vomit and burning pains in the anus from diarrhea.


If indigestion is making your stomach hurt, a homeopath may recommend some pulsatilla or windflower. Homeopathic Educational Services says this remedy is especially good for those who have overindulged on rich foods or pork and have other symptoms such as bloating, abdominal distension and headache. The remedy is given to children and women more often than to men.

Natrum Phos

Homeopathic Educational Services says natrum phos, or sodium phosphate, is a leading remedy for acid indigestion. It’s usually given when the indigestion is accompanied by sour belching, sour tasting vomit and a yellow discoloration of the tongue. This remedy may also be prescribed if the stomach trouble begins after eating fats.

Nux Vomica

If stomach pain leads to nausea and vomiting, nux vomica may be the cure. Homeopathic Educational Services says nux vomica, also known as poison nut, is often prescribed when nausea and vomiting stems from over-eating, drinking alcohol or food poisoning and when these symptoms are accompanied by flatulence, bloating, heartburn and either diarrhea or constipation. Homeopathic Educational Services says nux vomica is often used to treat people whose stomach problems stem from hangovers or the recreational use of drugs and for when those whose symptoms are worse in the morning.

Magnesia Phosphorica

If stomach pain is brought on by menstrual cramps, a homeopath may prescribe magnesia phosphorica. Homeopathy for Everyone says this is a main remedy for cramps and is given to women who double over in pain from the cramps, feel thirsty and seem to feel better with a hot water bottle or heating pad pressed against the stomach. Other remedies for severe cramps include sabina and veratrum album.