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Keeping your gym locker organized can be a challenge. With shampoo bottles, towels, lotions, shower shoes and more taking up space, it can be easy to let the small space get cluttered and messy. But by getting organized and establishing good habits regarding upkeep habits, you can walk in every day and know exactly where the necessary products are located right off hand. And by maintaining a well-organized gym locker, you’ll also achieve better sanitation and hygiene and avoid harmful germs, bacteria and mold.

Clean out your locker. Before you can get organized, you need to clean out the items currently taking up the space. Throw away empty bottles and items you don’t use and pack up any dirty towels, socks or clothes that need to be washed. While your locker is empty, wipe it down with antibacterial spray and scrub off any built-up residue.

Prep for the shower. Place your shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor and washcloth or sponge in the spaces of your shower caddy and then hang it in your locker. Make sure the caddy is ready to go and easy to transport to and from the shower. Put your shower shoes in the bottom of your locker and hang your towel on one of the locker’s rungs.

Fill a mirror basket. Gather all of the items you will need at the locker room’s mirror and place them in a small basket that fits in the top shelf of your locker. Include hair products, toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste and any combs or brushes that you intend to keep at the gym. By keeping all of these smaller items in a basket that you can transport to and from the mirror, you avoid being overrun with clutter or losing smaller products in the back.

Organize the top shelf. Place your mirror basket on the shelf and then set other daily items, such as deodorant and body lotion, off to the side. If you keep appliances such as hair dryers or curling irons at the gym, set them behind your mirror basket on the top shelf so that you can pull them out at the same time.

Place two magnets on the inside of your locker door. Use them to hold up your workout log sheet at each of its top corners. Clip a pen to the top of the sheet between the magnets, where you won't lose it. Take the paper and pen with you into the gym during your workout and put it back in its place when you are finished.

Organize your gym bag. Find a small bag that uses as little space as possible while still being able to fit your clothes, shoes, water bottle, music device and any post-workout snacks. Make sure the bag has a small pocket that can store valuables such as jewelry, keys and your phone while you are working out. Keep it stocked with a disposable plastic bag for your dirty clothes, and make sure you replace it daily when you pack your clean workout clothes.


Set an alarm on your phone to go off every week reminding you to replace your dirty towel with a clean one. Doing this will help you avoid bacteria buildup and unwelcome odors.


Don’t put small items in the back of the top shelf where they can be easily forgotten, and don’t trust the other members of your gym. Keep a combination-based padlock on your locker at all times to prevent theft.