By Hallie Engel

Whether you want to get rid of your ex's half-full cologne or an empty bottle of your favorite perfume, do it the right way. When you're fresh out of fragrance, throw away the cap and atomizer, rinse the bottle out and place it in the recycling bin. If you have just a tiny bit remaining, pour it down the drain as the faucet runs.

Woman perfume wrist
credit: robertprzybysz/iStock/Getty Images
Woman smelling perfume on her wrist.

Safe Disposal and Recycle

If anything more than a few drops of perfume remains in a bottle, you should take it to a hazardous waste plant for disposal. Perfume is highly flammable due to its high alcohol content and may pollute the local water supply if haphazardly poured in the sink or toilet. Some stores also accept old perfume for recycling, whether or not it was purchased there, so don't be afraid to ask.