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Perfume is a source of femininity to some women, and scents differ depending upon your preference. However, perfume can also be a source of severe headaches to some. Still, you cannot control what everyone around you douses themselves with, so there are treatments you can use to help prevent and treat perfume-related headaches.


A particular overpowering scent may give you headaches. However, according to Mayo Clinic, perfume is also notorious for causing migraines in some people.


Perfume is often absorbed into your bloodstream when you inhale, or smell it. According to headacheupdates.com, this can cause a headache because the perfume particles disrupt the blood flow in your brain.


The most obvious solution is to try and avoid perfume at all costs if it gives you headaches. Kindly ask family members, friends and co-workers to ease up on the perfume and not to spray it around you.

Preventative Medications

Mayo Clinic reports that there are preventative medications you can take to prevent recurring migraines associated with perfume and other triggers. Your doctor may prescribe an antidepressant, an anti-seizure medication, Botox injections, ergotamine, a cardiovascular medication or an antihistamine called cyproheptadine.

Pain Relievers

Pain relievers are your best option for infrequent, but severe, headaches related to perfume. Mayo Clinic recommends anti-nausea medications, opiates, nonsteroidal ant-inflammatory medications or triptans, as prescribed by your doctor.