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Essential oils are the natural oils of plants that can be extracted and used for aromatherapy and other medicinal purposed. One of the best means of disseminating these natural scents throughout a room is with a humidifier. The steam from the humidifier acts as a carrier for the oil, allowing it to spread throughout the room in just the right dosage. For best results and to avoid wasting filters, use only a hot-steam humidifier.

Types of Oil

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Two types of oil available on the market are scented oils and essential oils. Scented oils are synthetically made oils are created to smell like a particular plant in nature. Scented oils are less expensive, but can cause headaches and respiratory issues in those sensitive to artificial scents and perfumes. Essential oils are the naturally extracted oils from the actual plants. Essential oils are more expensive and are typically only available for purchase at natural product stores or online from private makers. Essential oils will not cause headaches or respiratory problems, but rather have the ability to heal and soothe some of the worst symptoms.


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Lavender has many medicinal purposes when you place some drops in a humidifier. If suffering from insomnia or unable to relax at bedtime, add three drops of lavender essential oil to the humidifier's tank and breath it in deeply while laying in bed. If suffering from a headache, place 10 drops of lavender essential oil in the humidifier and a warm compress over the eyes. Lay back and take a 30-minute nap. Obstetricians consider this headache treatment to be the only safe remedy for a pregnant woman.

Eucalyptus has long been hailed as a treatment for asthma, bronchitis and nasal congestion. The strong, cooling scent of eucalyptus actually relaxes the lung's passageways for those suffering from asthma and bronchitis. For those with a cold, eucalyptus softens the mucus in the passage ways by stimulating the sinus cavities, allowing the mucus to drain and relieve the overall congestion. For both of these treatments, place eight drops of eucalyptus in the humidifier.

If you desire romance, choose rose and sandalwood. Both of these oils are olfactory aphrodisiacs. For an irresistible scent in any room of the home, place three rose and two sandalwood drops into the humidifier and enjoy. If preparing this mixture as a surprise for a spouse, start the humidifier at least 30 minutes ahead of time and close the door to that particular room.


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If you need to switch oils or don't want anymore scent, clean the humidifier's tank to remove all oils. Don't clean the tank ih the dishwasher, because dishwashing detergent is not very effective with oils. Instead, combine 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap and one cup of warm vinegar in the humidifier's tank. Fill the tank the rest of the way with warm water and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Rinse the tank and the oil will be gone.

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