Measles is a viral disease that is very contagious especially among young children. It is characterized by a rash over the entire body. There are two types of measles caused by two different viruses, rubella and rubeola. Both viruses produce a rash that can vary in severity from person to person. In both cases, however, the rash pustules eventually turn into scabs and fade away, leaving small white scars scattered over the body.

Use vitamin E to fade measles scars. Cut or break open a liquic vitamin E soft gel capsule and smear the liquid directly onto scars. Leave on for 15 or 20 minutes and then wash off. Repeat this process a couple times a day for several weeks.

Mix red sandalwood powder, also known as Raktha Chandan, with enough water until it is the consistency of paste and apply directly to measles scars. Repeat twice a day until the scars fade.

Microdermabrasion is a technique where the first few layers of skin are abraded, or rubbed away, with an abrasive. This is generally performed on the face to remove measles scarring.

Remove measles scars by burning them away with a chemical peel, an acid-like glycolic acid or phenol. The top layer or two is removed, thereby allowing new skin to grow.

Laser treatment is used to spot treat scars by burning the skin with high intensity light, removing the scars. When new collagen and skin replaces the burned skin, the scars will be gone.


Deep scarring may require several removal sessions by a professional to achieve the desired result.


Laser treatment may not work on all measles scars.