Head shot of woman with sinus pain
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People who suffer with sinus issues are constantly battling the forces of nature to keep their nasal passages open. According to CBS News, 70 percent of people who suffer from migraine sinus headaches are affected by the barometric pressure change right before it rains or a front moves in. These sinus headaches can be debilitating and cause restriction to a person's normal daily activity. Relieving sinus and nasal pain caused from barometric pressure can be done with medication and a neti pot.

Use Medication

Use a combination of an over-the-counter decongestant and an anti-inflammatory drug (ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen) to alleviate the sinus pressure and pain caused by barometric pressure change.

Take the recommended dose of each drug at the first signs of sinus pain. Drink plenty of water with these medications to avoid dehydration and to encourage excess mucus to expel from the body.

Talk with your doctor if the pain doesn't subside while taking these drugs or if the pain persists for longer than 3 days, since the pain and pressure may be the result of a sinus infection or a more serious problem.

Use Natural Remedies

Hold a washcloth under hot water, then wring it out until is still moist enough to hold heat.

Lie down on your back and place the warm compress over your eyes and nose. Refresh the washcloth with warm water every time it becomes cool.

Use a neti pot to irrigate the sinus cavity, relaxing, soothing, and calming it. You can purchase a neti pot from a pharmacy or supermarket. Use as directed.