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Casts are used for broken bones and other situations requiring immobilization. Unfortunately, over time, traditional plaster casts can begin to smell. Sweating underneath the cast, as well as failure to keep it dry, can cause odor. There are many ways to treat your cast once it begins to smell.

Tell your doctor about the cast smell and ask for it to be looked at. In some cases, a cast can be removed and replaced with a new cast. Odors can signify more serious conditions, like skin infections, so always notify your doctor.

Try different methods that may ease or eliminate the odor. Baking soda can absorb moisture on the cast. Sprinkle it lightly on the cast and rub in. Perfume is an easy alternative that doesn’t solve the problem, but does offer immediate relief. Rub a fabric softener sheet on the cast for the same temporary affect as the perfume.

Apply products made just for casts. Cast Comfort Spray is a talcum-based powder that is easy to apply and inexpensive. Apply vacuum suction using a product, CastCooler, designed specifically to cool the skin under the cast and remove any moisture.


Ask your doctor about a waterproof cast, which doesn't have the odor problems of traditional plaster casts.


Never wash a cast that isn’t waterproof. Don’t push sharp things under the cast to get at your skin, this can be damaging to you and the cast.