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Wearing a cast is uncomfortable but vital while your injury heals. You will struggle with itching because you can't wash and exfoliate the skin underneath. When this dead and dirty skin attracts moisture, a sweaty smell will make you want to tear the cast off -- but don't. Deal with a sweaty cast in other ways that allow you to heal successfully.

Dry the cast with a blow dryer. Run cool air across the cast's surface using a low setting. You can use this method regularly but don't blow a lot of air into the cast. You might irritate your skin -- and then you will have an incredible itch that cannot be reached.

Sprinkle dry baking soda on the outside of the cast to draw some of the sweaty moisture to the outside and neutralize odor. Rub the powder in and allow it to set for 30 minutes. Smell the cast and see if there is a difference. If moisture is present, or if the cast still smells sweaty, repeat the process. Never put anything inside your cast.

Purchase a waterproof liner for your cast from a medical supply store. Wrap the liner around the cast and seal with medical tape the area where your skin meets the surface. If you go outside in the rain, this will help you protect your cast. Rain and moisture will promote sweat and create a smelly cast. Also, use this liner when you exercise.

Dress lightly. If your cast is sweaty, it's because you are sweating. Wear clothes that absorb sweat and don't cling to your body. Carry a handkerchief or hand towel and wipe your sweat off before it streams down to your cast.


If your cast becomes too sweaty and smelly, it may need to be removed.


Never stick anything in your cast to scratch or absorb moisture. Only a doctor should remove your cast.