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A line of nutritional supplements billed as containing high levels of concentrated plant extracts, fruit and vegetable juices, Juice Plus is not sold in stores like traditional supplements. Instead it is marketed through authorized distributors. Some representatives sell Juice Plus products online, some sell them out of their homes, or at sponsored events, and some will arrange to travel to you. There are only a few simple steps required to find the official Juice Plus distributor who best meets your needs.

Consult the official Juice Plus website. Select the option that says "Resources."

Choose the option that says "Juice Plus Events." You will be directed to a page that lists public Juice Plus events in your area. There, you'll be able to meet Juice Plus distributors in person.

Go to the Juice Plus home page. If you prefer to have a Juice Plus distributor contact you directly, choose the button marked "Contact Us." Complete the online form with your name, address, email and telephone number. Hit the "Submit" button. A representative will be in touch with you.

Go to the Juice Plus online store. If you'd rather purchase your Juice Plus products from the main distributor and not a franchise representative, this is the option for you.


Applicable sales tax will be added to your total when purchasing online. Shipping and handling is included in the purchase price.


If you purchase a four month supply online, your next four month supply will ship automatically and your credit card will be charged.