The Ab Workout Your Summer Body Is Craving

Believe it or not, bikini season is

around the corner;

it's already April! To help you find confidence to strut around in your favorite bikini and crop top, we're sharing our top fitness tutorials that will tone and strengthen your core. Your core is the center for all movement in your body--you shouldn't only want it to be strong for vanity purposes, but because a strong core is essential to prevent injuries, and even diseases. In the playlist above, you'll find two tutorials that target your abdominals and obliques. One thing that a lot of people overlook is the necessity of a strong back and spine to protect your front body.

If your back is strong and supported, your posture gets better... which means that your core is actually working harder than it would be if you were slouching.

(Practice the exercises in our posture video also.) Last but not least, fuel your body with loads of nutrient-dense foods and protein! The saying goes, "abs are made in the kitchen!"