Detox: De-clutter; cleanse, abstain from unhealthy substances.

This is the first step to take on your wellness journey: your path to a health-minded, energized way of living. Most of our accessible food, cleaning products, makeup, etc. are all filled with toxic chemicals for mass production. The good news is that you can make the switch to a clean lifestyle!

The playlist above includes videos that are a mix of ancient Ayurveda techniques, like dry skin brushing and oil pulling, that have been proven to cleanse everything from the nervous and digestive systems to the surface of the skin. You can add detoxifying teas and smoothies to your diet, as seen above, and make the switch to cleaner food products in general. A few other important detoxing practices, besides what you put on and in your body, include analyzing your: relationships, space, time spent on technology. A mental detox is just as important as a physical detox - they go hand-in-hand!