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Pimples and blackheads can occur for a variety of reasons, such as bacteria, hormonal fluctuations and excess oil. While there are a variety of different medications available to treat all kinds of acne, you don't have to use such products to clear your skin. With a regular skin care regime and some simple home remedies, you can get rid of pimples and blackheads quickly, without using acne-treatment products.

Cleanse your skin twice daily. Pimples and blackheads are more likely to appear if your skin is dirty. Use a facial soap or appropriate cleanser to remove makeup, excess oil, debris and bacteria from your skin.

Use witch hazel on your skin. Witch hazel acts as a natural substitute for toner or astringent. It helps to balance skin's oil levels and dry out pimples and blackheads. Use daily to promote clear skin.

Steam your skin. Fill a bowl with boiling water. Cover your head with a towel and hold your face over the bowl, allowing the steam to penetrate your pores. The steam will draw impurities out from deep within your skin, promoting a clearer complexion. By steaming your skin once to twice weekly, you'll experience fewer blackheads and pimples.

Create a paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and water. Apply the paste to your blackheads and pimples. Leave it on the affected skin for approximately 20 minutes before rinsing. The baking soda absorbs excess oil and kills bacteria, helping to get rid of your blackheads and pimples.

Rub lemon juice on your blackheads and pimples. The natural acidity of lemon juice dries out skin, absorbing oil that causes blackheads and pimples. It also promotes a more even complexion, helping your skin to look smoother and healthier.

Exfoliate your skin. Create a scrub by mixing equal parts granulated sugar and water. Apply the scrub to your skin, using circular motions to exfoliate the area. Dead skin cells reside on the surface layers of skin, clogging pores and leading to acne. You can get rid of pimples and blackheads by exfoliating your skin two to three times weekly.


  • Eat a healthy diet. Your skin will look better if you consume a well-balanced diet.