Spring Breakers

Spring is in the air and so is the best time of the year: Spring Break! It's time to leave brisk winter blues in the past and embrace warm sunshine with a weekend getaway. Jean shorts, tank tops, sandals and loud sunglasses are a few of our favorite things. That's why we decided to 'decorate' some basic sunglasses 3 ways; it's an inexpensive way to get creative while making a bold statement. As for our clothes, we all know that packing a good pair of jean shorts is a must. They can be styled in endless ways, up or down, like we show you in our 4 ways video. Seeing as we're getting ready for a weekend at the beach, it's a good idea to get a base tan going (after all, we've been in this dimlit winter for far too long). There's no need to go to a tanning salon or get a spray tan with our simple (and non-harming) DIY self tanner. Guaranteed not to leave weird streaks or discoloration, apply a couple days before your trip and you're set. Last but not least, the most important part, PACKING! There's nothing worse than arriving at your destinaton and realizing you forgot something. We teamed up with FOAM Magazine to give you 7 tips to packing your carry-on for a weekend beach getaway. Ready, set, BREAK!