Lemon Sea Bass Weekend Recipe

This weekend, why not get really fancy and prepare a whole fish dinner for someone special? We teamed up with our friend Aliza over at the Poppyseed Agency to bring you this impressive Roasted Lemon Sea Bass, and a complete rundown of how to butcher a piece of fish. The sea bass dish keeps the head and tail on, which really isn't as daunting as it sounds. In fact, we find serving it that way kind of elegant. But if it really weirds you out, you can filet a piece and prepare it your favorite way. (We recommend: lemon juice, olive oil, S + P) Serve it with a side of flavorful, herbed basmati rice and you're set. We can't forget the cocktail, it is a weekend recipe, after all! Whip up a couple of Moscow Mules for a sweet, classy touch. Watch the 3-minute video playlist above to get ALL the details. CHEERS!