How To Love Your Mornings

Mornings are a special time where we have the ability to determine how our day will go. We should look forward to the mornings, not dread waking up! Here are 4 simple videos to help you get excited for the AM - it's important to relax, nourish and move! Waking up in a stressful flurry is bound to effect us throughout the day. Start your mornings with some aromatherapy and pampering time, such as our coconut lavender body scrub or (if you have time) lavender bath salts. Lavender, eucalyptus, rose... all of these essential oils have healing and relaxant qualities that are perfect for introducing first thing. Chia pudding is a great breakfast option, as you can make it the night before! The same goes for iced coffee, use leftover coffee from the previous morning. How's that for no-fuss?! We love a good egg sandwich and bacon, but feeling weighed down throughout the day makes you tired earlier (and will make you crave that 3rd cup of coffee or chocolate bar). Chia pudding is light, healthy and satisfying. Lastly, don't forget to MOVE! This 3-minute morning flow yoga sequence can be repeated as many times as you'd like - add on some sun salutations to make it a little more vigorous. Having you time in the mornings is essential for a productive and happy day!