How To Host A Fabulous Wine & Cheese Night

Is there anything better than wine and cheese night? We think not. Hosting a wine and cheese party is ideal for two reasons: you don't really have to cook and it gives you the chance to try a whole lot of new cheese (who doesn't love an excuse to eat cheese?). First you need to amp up your decor, which is why we love our DIY Chalkboard Cheese Board - it's fun and functional at the same time. Then you need to pick out your cheeses, you can talk to the specialist at the market for which flavor combination you're going for, and garner some inspiration from these goat cheese pairings. It's always a good idea to have additional food for guests to nosh on through the night. A simple crostini, fruit, nuts and easy finger food all do the trick. Most importantly, don't forget about the wine! Choose your varieties wisely with the cheese you buy. Watch the playlist above then scroll down for our guide on what to wear! #TGIF