Host An Italian Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party this weekend? It's always fun to add a theme to these occasions, to bring everything together. We've shown you how to create a Roman-inspired dinner party, and now we have even more recipes to incorporate into the Italian theme. In addition to the minimalistic Cacio e Pepe, we teamed up with our Italian friend to show you how to make the classics: Penne Alfredo and Pasta Carbonara. Offering more than one type of pasta dish may seem aggressive, but sometimes it's fun to try a little bit of everything. In lieu of the traditional meat meatball, we are showing you how to make tasty little tuna balls. They're incredibly easy to whip up, can be added to your pasta or enjoyed on the side. Don't forget to add some veggies with a salad, and don't ever forget the gelato. Watch the playlist above & scroll down for the full menu!