GO GREEN! How To Support Our Planet This Earth Day

Earth Day 2016 is coming up (April 22nd, 2016, to be exact) and we are excited to show you a few ways you can help preserve our planet not only on Earth Day,

but every single day

. Between recycling, re-using, supporting local agriculture and natural products, you can have a serious impact on the ground around you. For example, making your own cleaning products (as shown in the playlist above), you are using ingredients you already have to create a harmless and chemical-free alternative to the big corporations. By shopping locally, which we do every month, you are supporting your local farmer and choosing organic versus genetically modified ingredients. Another big way to reduce your carbon footprint is by recycling - we all know that recycling bottles and whatnot is a must - but even recycling old wood from benches, side tables, sea shells for candles (seriously!) makes a difference.

Watch the playlist above for DIY's and information on going GREEN!