Let's Forget About The Juice Cleanse

The first, or second, of a new year is always the busiest time for people to start purchasing gym memberships, juice cleanses and expensive, inspiring workout gear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But for 2015, we're ditching the juice cleanse. Instead, we're committing to a balanced, healthy diet with limited dietary restrictions. There is no doubt that when a juice cleanse is done right it's beneficial to your digestive system, but for most of us, it's harder to get back on track to a healthy diet afterwards. If we start with simply creating a healthy meal plan and exercise regimen, there's less room for error or deprivation. So, our invitation to you is to start your healthy path in a balanced way: healthy breakfasts, fresh squeezed juices, balanced meals and exercise once/day. Let us know how you feel, in lieu of a juice cleanse, by tagging us on Instagram & Twitter: @LEAFtv! Get started with the recipes and yoga moves in the playlist above.