We're not [sugar coating] the fact that we love a good kit kat, butterfinger or reese's... but if you are having friends over for Halloween, it's a great touch to have something homemade. Small, easy bites work perfectly and they don't have to be difficult. Take our chocolate covered pretzels and caramel covered apple slices: incredibly simple to make and we show you 3 variations of each (that don't require extra work). Our white chocolate cranberry bark and rocky road are also minimal ingredients and a great nosh to offer to friends. These treats are ideal because they'll hold up all night. If you're deciding to stay in and watch scary movies, a warm hot toddy or bourbon-spiked hot cocoa does the trick. Whatever you do, it's HALLOWEEN, treat yourself!

Watch the playlist above for recipes & comment below if you'll be whipping up any of these sweets!