Easy Brown Bag Lunches

Tired of the same-old lunch you find yourself packing up for work or school? Us too. It's important to switch it up once in awhile. When you start to find your lunch unappetizing and boring, it can lead to eating other things around the office to compensate (over-snacking) or wasting your food and going out to eat (unhealthy). There are tons of ways to get creative with lunch; we gave you some examples before here. A few of the latest favorites at our office are hearty chopped salads, wraps and warm sandwiches. The Italian chopped salad is chock-full of ingredients that will keep you full for hours; you won't even crave carbs! We recently perfected a lunch-bag-staple: chicken salad. You can serve it on a bed of lettuce, in a wrap (we love this variation) or as a sandwich. If you want your sandwich or wrap to be pressed and warmed, you can :

  1. do it at home first then wrap tightly in tin foil, the bread will stay 'crispy'
  2. put it back in the oven at your office for a couple of minutes or
  3. if you don't have an oven, nuke it in the microwave for a little.

Watch the playlist above or scroll down for more details!