Amp Up Your Wall Decor

Looking to jazz up your apartment walls this fall? We've got you covered with 5 fool-proof projects that will add an individualized spice of decor to any room. Start by deciding what tone you want to set in your room; artistic, personal (photos) or functional? Our cloud art frames give an artsy look with a "faux window" element, where our clothespin frame lets you display your favorite personal photos all in one frame. If you want to find a place to display your jewelry and act as an art element, try our simple necklace frame. Are you in a space that lets you wallpaper? Experiment wallpapering only one wall (we promise - it's seriously high impact). Once you decide which direction you want to go in, see our video showing you how to mix and match your artwork in a cohesive way. Watch the playlist above or scroll down to see how to do them all!