Dorm Room Friendly Recipes

The struggle of making your own food while staying in a dorm is real. But we're here to show you how to work around it with no-cook recipes that are easy to assemble. If you have a fridge to store fresh food in, there are tons of dishes you can throw together; especially on-the-go food in between classes. Chia pudding is the ultimate no-cook, über healthy breakfast or snack. Prepare it the night before and it's good to go in the morning! Buy low-sodium canned beans, lunch meats and vegetables to create a fully satisfying chopped salad (or kabob!) for lunch. And last but not least, dessert. These bites will make you the most popular person on the floor. Seriously. Enter the rocky road (microwave required) and strawberry shortcake kabobs: No stovetops, no ovens, no mess. What are some of your favorite dorm-room friendly recipes to whip up? Dish in the comments below!