Benefits of Cooking with Fresh Herbs

Cooking with fresh herbs and spices has so many benefits other than majorly enhancing the flavors in your food. They're great to use when trying to amp the flavor of protein and starches without adding more fat, sodium and calories. Plus, many of them (thyme, rosemary, garlic, ginger, cayenne, to name a few) assist in cardiovascular health and disease prevention. Thyme stimulates the immune system helping with high blood pressure, acne and the respiratory system. It's been linked to helping with bronchitis and sore throats. Oregano has one of the highest counts of antioxidants of most fresh herbs. You can read about the benefits of rosemary parsley here. When you're trying to add them to your dishes, consider what you're cooking and the flavor profile you want to achieve. We recommend heading to your local farmer's market and smelling each herb to get a feel for them. Parsley gives a really fresh aura while thyme gives a warmer sense. Watch the playlist above for our favorite recipes including fresh herbs!