5 Ways To Detox That Don't Include Juice

Tired? Cranky? Always hungry? Our bodies have a pretty clear way of telling us when it's time to hit re-set and detox. Contrary to popular belief, detoxing doesn't have to be a juice cleanse! It can be something as simple as being more mindful throughout the day, cooking your own food for a week (no processed ingredients), pledging to add more aromatherapy to your life, or trying out a new wellness practice like oil pulling or skin brushing for a month. Our cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems react immediately to stress, alcohol and lack of sleep. They also react immediately to a meditative mind state by functioning properly and fluidly. If you can make the switch from chaotic to fluid... guess what? You're detoxing!

Watch the playlist above for recipes and tutorials!

  1. Stress Less: Don't let the little qualms throughout the day wear you out and stress out your body. We have 7 ways to de-stress (especially after work) here.
  2. Aromatherapy: Adding essential oils and aromatherapeutic techniques to daily routines has been proven beneficial for hundreds of years. We use them a lot, watch it all here.
  3. Dry Skin Brushing: An act of self-care, meditation and physical elimination of toxins... there's no reason that this wellness practice isn't worth a try. Watch how.
  4. Oil Pulling: An ancient Ayurveda technique that is said to pull toxins directly out of the mouth, aiding the digestive and respiratory system, and only takes 20 minutes. Watch how.
  5. Cook For Yourself: Try cooking at home every single day for one week and watch how different your body functions after eliminating all of the sodium and oils that restaurants tend to use.