5 Ways To Be Kinder And Happier

There is so much negativity surrounding the world that it's important now, more than ever, to practice self-love and compassion with yourself and those around you. Reading the news and experiencing acts of hate can easily turn our society into a dismal, depressing space - we cannot let that happen - which is why we're sharing multiple ways you can improve your mood, uplift others and be the change you wish you see in the world (-Ghandi). Share this with someone who needs it. ❤️

  1. Keep a slew of mood-boosters in your back pocket... figuratively. In this video we share 6 ways you can immediately improve your mood--notice if you feel better when you smile at a stranger, listen to a certain song or maybe even get into an intense staring contest with your friend ?
  2. Stay in touch with your true self... physically and mentally. Whether you release endorphins through exercise or start an understanding of chakra work (help here) to help connect to your voice, authenticity and more; Understanding who you are and want to be will help your relationship with others.
  3. Make mental health your top priority... exercise your brain. It's easy to get lost inside our iPhones and computers, mindlessly scrolling through updates and stories. It's much harder to start exercising your brain power with practices such as journaling, board games, and more ways here. Also, make sure you're getting enough quality* sleep (the single most important piece of advice, actually), here are 7 ways to make it better.
  4. Start using essential oils... throughout the day. There are numerous oils that are known to help improve moods, energy and alleviate anxiety. They're a great tool to keep with you throughout the day when you need a boost. Find more info here and here!
  5. Make time to hang out with friends, entertain and laugh... always. Whether you're going to dinner or planning a nice soirée at home, it always feels good to be in the presence of people you love and love you back.

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