When it comes to making smoothies, there are so many tools you can try. We won’t lie–we have used the almighty Vitamix in the past, but we are also huge advocates of the $30 Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender. You might’ve seen it in some of our smoothie vids, yeah? If you’re ballin-on-a-budget, this is probably the best deal you can get. From kale to frozen berries and small ginger or turmeric roots, it blends, it smoothies. Two more positives: it’s a single serve (meaning it just makes enough smoothie for you–no leftovers or waste) and super simple clean up. Although, there is something really special about all of the features that Vitamix boasts; it can blend just about anything. But not having one shouldn’t deter you from making loads of healthful smoothies! Watch the playlist above to see the single serve at work!